Monday, June 1, 2009

Exhausting my muse

I'm tired. And edgy. And a little frustrated. I think it's from a lack of exercise - both literary and muscular. By all accounts, I had a nice weekend. I got a massage, a facial (my very first and now my favorite thing EVER!) and a haircut. (though I did spend a giant portion of the time feeling guilty for abandoning the little one) I did a little shopping - bought a couple of new books and a new bathing suit for the monkey - so adorable!

Even so, I'm cranky. I've been a little sleep deprived lately so writing something other than complete gibberish has been difficult. Even reading takes two tons of effort. I woke up this morning at 5am ready to hit the gym - yay me! 30 seconds after I opened my eyes the kid did too. No yay, baby :o( Suffice it to say I did NOT go to the gym, nor did I participate in any of my billion at-home-workout videos. *sigh*

I've noticed my muse is more inspiring (and I am a MUCH nicer person) when I can find the time to work-out. She's more beat than I am. The Lady and I definitely need some quality time together.

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  1. It sounds like you need a break! That's been really common lately. I think everyone needs to head out into the sun and put the writing aside for a few days or so. :D Good luck with it. I hope you are able to get some sleep soon.